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Limitless – Killing Aura | Carefree

When it comes to the kind of music that brings happiness to the heart of the listener, one often harkens back to the sound of classic punk rock, the kind that has soaring guitar solos with a drum beat to match the uptempo, cheery vibe of the song—complemented with gritty, yet melodious vocals that come together to form something quite spectacular. Keep reading my review of “Limitless” by Killing Aura, here in the soup this time around.

The song starts off confident, alluding to all the elements of a song I would blast on a peppy summer afternoon, driving a Corvette with the roof down; wind in my hair, and the sun lighting up the road ahead. There are definite elements of punk rock that shine through here, with catchy, confident vocal delivery applauded by great work on the instruments, all in all forming an excellent soundstage to just rock out to like you haven’t a care about all else.

With this kind of peppy energy and a tight, comprehensive mix that managed to keep its panache throughout the various listening scenarios I put it through, I cannot help but give “Limitless” by Killing Aura my wholehearted recommendation. Check out the song here!

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