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boyforever – Party Wall | Synth Groove

boyforever comes grooving out the stereo with their latest release, “Party Wall.” A well-concocted cocktail of alternative production techniques that leverages and brings to fruition oft-ignored tricks and production techniques, it presents itself as something quite unique. Keep reading my review of “Party Wall” to hear my words on this release.

Right from the word go, there is a certain groove about this song that immediately had me hooked to the way it sounded. From the inclusion of atmosphere in the mix- like the crowd cheering in the background to the mixing techniques in play here, it all comes together to create something that I do not hear enough in the modern industry—uniqueness and experimentation. The synths also play a great part in shaping the sound of this song, modulating the neregy and cusping it gently to be moulded into something that I quite liked.

With something that sounds so avant-garde, it is easy for somebody to stumble and make a turdy decision or two—and I am pleased to report that that, is far from the case here. There is a certain decisiveness to the production, a rhyme and a reason to why it sounds the way it sounds, and it is apparent enough to me that I loved it.

With “Party Wall”, boyforever has something in store that I think a lot of music lovers will love taking a go at. I loved it, and it gets my hearty recommendation! Check out the song here:

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