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Blind Season - Wine & Hair Dye
Blind Season - Wine & Hair Dye

Blind Season – Wine & Hair Dye | Infectiously Dynamic

Blind Season is an Alternative Rock band from Detroit, Michigan. While the band had previously employed the skills of American Idol Top 25 Female vocalist, Leah Guerrero, the band had a falling out leading to her leaving. This did not stop current members, Shane Sigro, Jeffery Mullins, Mike Paraski, & Adam Ross. They developed their skills further and continued making music. Sigro describes the band’s upcoming album as Billy Corgan’s Diary featured in a film by Tim Burton.

Their latest single, Wine & Hair Dye is a hard-driven track with so much energy and emotion. It reminds me of the Post Punk movement in New York with bands like Interpol and The Strokes. The guitar opens the song for us with Mullins’ vocals to accompany it until the drums kick in. The drums fill the song with life and infectious energy. Blind Season has come a really long way, creating songs with enviable chemistry. The instruments work complementarily to each other and the vocals add a great melody layer for the instruments to accentuate.

I love how dynamic the Blind Season is. The musical direction seems phenomenal while the band creates atmospheric ambient music that feels almost anthemic, almost Post Rockish. There is so much to unpack with these guys and the Billy Corgan and Tim Burton comparison actually makes a lot of sense.

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