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Emmi Maaria - I Move Deeper Wading Into The Waters
Emmi Maaria - I Move Deeper Wading Into The Waters

Emmi Maaria – I Move Deeper Wading Into The Waters | Compelling

Emmi Maaria is a Finnish singer, violinist and composer based in London, United Kingdom. With a load of experience in both classical and contemporary music, Emmi creates music that takes advantage of this. Using her knowledge and experience, she crafts her music to combine Folk and Classical music. While a lot of musicians do have a lot going on with their music, none come close to Emmi Maaria. She uses classical techniques with the added exploration of Finnish Literature to create her debut project.

Her first project is a three-part sonic experience that begins with I Move Deeper Wading Into The Waters. This track is a perfect example of Emmi Maaria. The song follows classical counterpoint techniques while also creating a rather Dark Folk ambience. The atmosphere feels rather provocative but is actually very playful. The fluidity in the track really flows through with how smooth each element is. Emmi Maaria has a voice that could command anyone’s attention. Moreover, the added violins and strings add so much depth to the song with the various dynamic and harmonic changes.

Emmi Maaria has created a brilliant debut single that not a lot of people would be able to do on their first go. With so much talent, I anticipate much greater things to come from her.

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