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Neepz - No 2nd Guess | Caribbean Swag 
Neepz - No 2nd Guess | Caribbean Swag 

Neepz – No 2nd Guess | Caribbean Swag 

Neepz, a passionate pop artist from the paradise island of Tobago, has collaborated with Najashi and G. Peretti, to bring forth a joyful track called No 2nd Guess.

No 2nd Guess is an upbeat track that has a nice flow to it. With classic beats and Caribbean swag, this song has an innate quality of uplifting you. From the very beginning itself, you could find yourself loving the song’s laid back and chill vibes. When the beats kick in, you realize this is going to be a groovy one!

The rhythms feel as smooth as butter and perfectly complement the song’s cheerful aura. Its lyrics are charming, affectionate. It kind of sets a perfect vibe for you to daydream about your crush. With its groovy beats, charming rhythm, and mushiness, it makes for a great valentines’ track. This can easily be a song you and your lover dance to in your living room, or in a bar. 

One must definitely mention the Caribbean influences. There is a sense of cheerfulness in this track which is provided by the Caribbean undertones. A unique sense of mirth is felt as this song unfolds in a quiet room, making you sway along, gently, rhythmically. The song also has hip hop elements, that, again, perfectly fit well with the whole merry vibe. Nothing feels over the top. It is a track with the kind of flow that’s rare to find. 

It is a must add to your uplifting playlists, or even romantic ones! 

Listen to this track by Neepz, Najashi, and G. Peretti, here: 

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