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Glenn Valles’ The Ride
Glenn Valles’ The Ride
Glenn Valles - The Ride

Glenn Valles’ The Ride Is a Brilliantly Composed and Captivating Song by the Mumbai-Based Singer-Songwriter

Step into the groovy, soulful vibes as you enjoy listening to the latest single by Glenn Valles, The Ride. Glenn is a prolific singer-songwriter hailing from Mumbai, India, who has a wide range of international awards for songwriting under his belt coming from places like Ireland, the United States of America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, the interesting fact about Glenn’s music is that his works span a set of multiple genres ranging from Blues, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and several more. It is the vivid imagery that characterizes Glenn’s songwriting and his works hook the listeners within the very early minutes of listening.

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A great song with a funny storyline makes The Ride a wonderful track!

The Ride, Glenn Valles’ latest single is a track that you will instantly love as it sounds more like a beautiful narrative with the touch of musical colors that spice up the context of the song which in reality is about a prank that the protagonist’s friends orchestrate to trick him and this great reveal happens at the end of the song where the listeners actually figure out the twist in the tale. There are numerous guitar elements that grace the composition with soul-pleasing melodies over the really tight rhythm section where the drums and the bass play their parts right in the sonic pockets that help listeners feel the punchy groove of the song as well as enjoy the vibe. Besides the superb musical elements of the track, the official video of this song is also a wonderful curation and you must check it out.

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You can check out the official video of Glenn Valles’ The Ride as well as listen to this amazing song here:

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