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Eric Cohen-Live for Christ
Eric Cohen-Live for Christ
Eric Cohen-Live for Christ

Eric Cohen turns to faith once again with his gospel rap track, “Live for Christ”

It is truly difficult to execute music like Eric Cohen. A prolific rapper and writer, his music pertains to love. To Christ, to people and kindness. It is possible you might never hear such cleanly executed music for a long time. When words are all he has, he makes them count. This is his latest single, Live for Christ feat. Yolanda Reece. 

To put your entire faith in the Lord is Eric Cohen’s aim. He aims to inspire, to carve a path, in righteousness. With a R&B vibe, he dissects what this feeling is, diving into the very core. Using the sharpest words and lines, he tries to reason, with what he believes. There is honesty, and a powerful agency in his words. The soothing, melodic background carries on, like the kind of journey he would like to forge and take. The production allows the synths to melt in and out, creating a kaleidoscope of sound. A superbly crafted track, with some solid weight in the chorus part. The brass section is the flavourful accent a song like this needs. Eric Cohen also brings his melodic voice for the bridge section, his multitasking style clearly showing. 

You might have heard his music with A.M.E.N and his spectacular album in 2022 called Unity Across the Pond*. With his storytelling and superior writing, Eric Cohen aims to unite us all and bring us together. There is a love shared, enemies spared, for our clocks are ticking. Listen to his catchy song here:

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