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Claire Littley – Change The Game | Can’t Stop Grooving

Change the Game by Claire Littley is LIT! Remember the Famous ‘Fly me to the moon’ Track which was featured on anime series ‘Neon genesis Evangelion’? The Magical voice behind this track is Claire Littley. There was a break in her music career after her partner passed away, but she has returned with a bang!

Having written songs since September 2020, she has composed enough to make the contents of several albums with increasing maturity. Her recent release ‘Change the Game’ is a game-changer, in fact.

In Change the Game, Littley is trying to get a message across to all of us who feel we don’t quite fit in with society’s standards. She wants us to look within our own uniqueness and discover where we may be able to change things in order to fit in better with society.

Littley reminds us that there should just be more acceptance of our diversity and differences. Because this world would likely be a happier place for everyone if that were the case!

Coming to the music. “Change The Game” is an interesting combination of bouncy, jazzy riffs and vocals that are both funk and soulful including a smooth mixture of chill-out lounge music. It’s a combination that works well together, the lyrics being powerful and the vocal style stayed true to itself without becoming muddled in any one genre.

It’s a sound not often heard these days on the radio but is one which could catch on if there was enough airplay. Claire Littley strikes gold by singing to people who have real emotions and doing it convincingly as only someone with her voice could do.

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