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“LEK” by Hurricane Sam: An electrifying EDM-pop debut

Hurricane Sam (spelt Hurricane 5AM) is a creative musician based out of England, coming at us with his debut track, “LEK”. Keep reading for my thoughts on what his first attempt sounds like!

LEK is a track that draws inspiration from lively nights spent in London’s Shoreditch, Islington, and Camden. Hurricane Sam, both the writer and vocalist, collaborated with Def Starz, who provided the UK Garage instrumental. The track starts out quite energetically, with an uptempo guitar riff in the intro, until the percussion kicks in and takes a club-friendly, festive sound that definitely got me grooving in my seat.

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The vocals are another standout aspect of this production, with a multitude of layers and melodies, and countermelodies that make up the listening experience. All this sums up to a song that I quite enjoyed over the course of my listening to this track, with some other standout aspects of the song being the production that retains quite a lot of polish and power throughout the track, and that is something I quite liked about “LEK”.

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The mixing and mastering, as well, serve to elevate, with great focus in the low-end and smooth layering of the percussion with the melody that makes sure each element stands out in its own strengths in the mix, with good use of the stereo expanse to create quite a cohesive sound and listening experience on LEK.

To wrap up, LEK is a track, a cracking debut by Hurricane Sam, that marks the start of their musical journey, and leaves me excited for what is to come next from their kitchen. Check out the track here!

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