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Cris Mantello - Hard Times
Cris Mantello - Hard Times
Cris Mantello - Hard Times

Cris Mantello – Hard Times

The latest single by Cris Mantello, Hard Times, makes you feel all pumped up and grooving to the beats. This song boasts the true essence and flavors of country and rock n roll music. It sure does take you back to the roots of these class-apart genres.

The perfect blend of traditional and modern-day elements!

Like a vintage, old delta blues song, Cris Mantello’s Hard Times begins with an open slide guitar sound. It leads us to a catchy classic rock n roll guitar riff that lays the foundation of the song’s groove. The drums and the bass join together and fill up the spaces.

The vocals are pretty powerful and perfectly suit the song’s vibe. The incredible voice makes the song sound like an intricately well-produced track! The chorus has some well-executed backing vocals, and if you listen closely, you will find the beauty of the harmony, and you might as well find some Beatles’ influence there.

The second chorus leads us to a breakdown section. Here the drums, bass, and guitar groove over a catchy hook line by the guitar. This section takes us to a face-melting, making-you-go-weak-in-the-knees kind of guitar solo. The groove complements the solo with slight changes in between, and if you’re a country music listener, you will find influences of guitar players like Albert Lee on this one. You cannot help but get up and start air-guitaring yourself once you listen to this solo.

The chorus starts right after that excellent solo, and we reach the song’s end. The similar pre-guitar solo breakdown section gets repeated once more and ends with a couple of surprise slide guitar elements in the right pauses.

Overall, Cris Mantello’s Hard Times is a must-listen if you’re a rock n roll or country music listener. The authenticity of musical roots blending with some modern-day elements is the best feature of this song. Listen to this track here:

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