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Anniballi Davide-A great day
Anniballi Davide-A great day
Anniballi Davide-A great day

Anniballi Davide-A great day | Pocket of sunshine

Something brimming with positivity and change. Anniballi Davide captures rays of sunshine, in the form of a song. These are difficult emotions to trace, not for a man of Anniballi’s experience. This is one artist that never needed words to express what his song created. This is his latest single, A great day.

Ludicrously simple, don’t you think? The emotion behind the song is seemingly plain. Anything can be a great day. A smile from a stranger, rain when it’s sweltering hot. What constitutes it. As a music lover, I’m confused on what that expression might sound like. Anniballi Davide disagrees, through his piano. Though it is constructed of black and white, the piano pushes the envelope much more in his composition.

You realize the dreams he is dreaming, the things he’d like to think. A great day is captured by the joyous emotions that might arise from it. The balance is in the major scale notes, whereas the strings guide the melody on a bed of experiences. It sounds like Justin Hurwitz’s emotion from La La Land, but not entirely. There is a ballet of moments that constitute the 24 hours we are supposed to be viewing. The drama is evident, yet they are expressed in this powerful melody.

There are many geniuses like Anniballi Davide. Underrated and underplayed, they embody the reason and soul behind music. Don’t be surprised if this brought tears to your eyes, it certainly did to mine. I enjoy classical every once in a while, but it’s a certainty with this composer. I might not know what all things in particular make for a great day. All I know is that I have one when I listen to Mr. Davide’s compositions. Listen to the single here:

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