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Sean Kennedy – Memory
Sean Kennedy – Memory

Sean Kennedy – Memory | Indie Joy

New York native Sean Kennedy has released his latest mesmerizing indie alt pop rock single titled Memory. He composes and produces his own music. Sean has been making and releasing music since his high school. After a hiatus where he also re-recorded his debut album, he has come up with a fresh new song which is Memory.

Sean has a felt like vibe to his vocal tone which aids in a fresh vocal delivery. In the song, the narrator addresses a relationship and the importance on focusing on all that was good over the flaws of the journey. As most things are transient, that matters. Acoustic guitars and apt rhythms commence the song. Soon the songs builds to a dreamy soft rock chorus that creates a relishing listening experience. The acoustic guitar sets the tone for the rest of the track, while the dreamy indie rock chorus provides a strong and memorable melody that sticks in the listener’s head. Kudos to the production and Sean Kennedy!

With its intricate melodies, dynamic instrumentation, and emotional lyrics, this song does create a powerful and lasting impression on the listener. The chorus is the most memorable part of the song and the chord progression and chiming soundscaping production draws the listener in. This song is both upbeat and uplifting, while also being mellow and contemplative. On the chorus, Sean resolves all good musical elements into a neat musical bow. The song does well with a prominent well rounded sonic feel with the flow giving an ascending feel. With Memory, Sean Kennedy makes a mark as a compelling musician and composer.

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