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Jade Ashtangini - Dance Like A Kitty (Cello And Piano)
Jade Ashtangini - Dance Like A Kitty (Cello And Piano)
Jade Ashtangini - Dance Like A Kitty (Cello And Piano)

Jade Ashtangini – Dance Like A Kitty (Cello And Piano)

The latest single by Jade Ashtangini, Dance Like A Kitty (Cello And Piano), is ‘therapeutic’ in a single-word description, but before we get to the track, let us dig into the multitude of talents this truly amazing artist possesses. Based out of Dallas, the United States of America, and Taiwan, Jade is whom we may call a musical yogini because besides being a brilliant music composer, a skillful modern-classical pianist, and an excellent cellist, she is also a yoga instructor and a mantra chanter.

Through her latest single, Dance Like A Kitty (Cello And Piano), Jade Ashtangini brings us inner peace and intense spiritual upliftment that fills our souls with sheer bliss due to the soothing and graceful vibes of this track and how it relaxes the mind and soul. The composition involves a joyful musical conversation between the piano and the cello where the instruments complement each other as two individuals in love with each other. The piano’s rhythmic playing and the laid-back cello lines create some of the most beautiful melodies in this track, and you will perhaps wish to listen to it in a loop because of just how soul-pleasing and wholesome it sounds.

Besides the therapeutic elements of this single, it is also one of the perfect songs for you to enjoy with your loved ones by your side or while sipping on your favorite beverage out on the porch witnessing the sunset, and relishing some alone time. Overall, Dance Like A Kitty (Cello And Piano) is one of those tracks that you should give a generous listen to, and you will certainly feel better and happier! Listen to this song here:

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