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The Trusted - Millennium | Rich Retro
The Trusted - Millennium | Rich Retro

The Trusted – Millennium | Rich Retro

The Trusted is a band of four ardent artists who have been creating magic together since 2016. Their punk-infused music feels like a blessing. Millennium is their most recent track that explores various themes. Even though it is an upbeat rock track, it has a hint of sombre quality that makes it as unique as it is.

Millennium is an intense song. Even though it can be easily tagged as a simple song, it is far from that. The reason why it appears so is because of how well everything has been infused together. Every part has been mixed together homogeneously so as to not reveal any irregularities. The track, therefore, becomes quite enjoyable to listen to because of how well the end product is.

Excellent work has been done on the instruments. They not only make the song more upbeat but also slightly sombre. Its unique tunes and soundscapes add to the listening experience. Moreover, you would absolutely devour the pace of the track. It is neither too pompously upbeat, nor soft. It is somewhere in the middle. This not only complements the vibe of the whole song but also makes it more enticing. Those who love rock, would find this song to be a great addition to their album, as it offers newness, simplicity, and fun, all at the same time. 

Millennium is a song you can listen to on a long drive with your friends, groove on to it on a lonely afternoon, or even during your workout!

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