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Huyen - Ilysm | Mesmerizing
Huyen - Ilysm | Mesmerizing

Huyen – Ilysm | Mesmerizing

Huyen is a Melbourne based singer and songwriter. Her music is a mix of R&B and pop. With intense soundscapes, her music has been garnering much love. Huyen’s latest single Ilysm is a rich track infused with intense elements of R&B and pop that feels euphoric to listen to. 

Ilysm is a nice, laid back, soul-filling track because it has a lot of intense musical excerpts woven together with ingenuity. The song that starts with a nice and deep tune goes on to become an intense affair that demands your best attention. If you pay heed to the song carefully, you will notice there are so many treasures hidden in this track. The almost psychedelic effect in the vocals and tunes makes this song a refreshing one. Ilysm feels like a spring breeze because you will feel refreshed as soon as it is swept by. The excellent soundscapes produced by all the instruments and Huyen’s mellifluous voice itself,  easily manage to enrich your soul with euphoria. All these qualities give a subtle psychedelic effect to the track. 

Moreover, Huyen’s vocals feel well-rehearsed yet they sound like completely improvised. That’s how good they sound. With a nice soulful effect coming from Huyen’s vocals, Ilysm becomes a peaceful track. You would be in awe of Huyen’s ingenuity as an artist for being able to bring together all the rich and explorative musical elements to make something as adventurous yet amazing as Ilysm. 

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