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Matt Burke- I Don’t Drive A Truck | Radiance

Matt Burke is a singer-songwriter from Nashville who is in the music scene since 2010. Burke’s full band project, The Matt Burke Band, came to an end in 2018 when his longtime friend and musical partner, Leona Ellis died unexpectedly. Burke has since shifted his focus to songwriting as a solo artist, and just as things were looking up, COVID-19 struck. But Matt is not the one to give up. He his back with a bang. From honky-tonk line-dance anthems from the 1970s to heartbreaking bar stool lament and Top 40 country-rock singles that are primed for the Hot 100, Burke shows off the many facets of his musical personality while maintaining his distinct sound.  No matter what genre he’s exploring, Burke’s music is always honest and authentic.

Country music fans rejoice –” I Don’t Drive A Truck” is the latest release from Matt Burke, and it’s a corker! This song has it all – catchy vocals, great guitar work, and a driving beat that will keep you moving down the highway. And when the chorus kicks in, you won’t be able to resist singing along. This song has all the elements of a great country song – from the guitars and drums to Burke’s powerful voice. The song starts with mellow guitar work that outbursts into a full swing guitar work, and then Matte’s powerful and rejoicing vocals come in. His voice, paired with such powerful guitar riffs and drum beats makes this song so vivid. For lyrics, Burke draws his inspiration from his own experience growing up in Florida. It is as if he is conveying, “I don’t drive a truck, but I sure know how to rock.” As the song intensifies, so does the feeling of excitement and joy that it emits. The lyrics are written in a way that makes you feel as if you’re right there in the moment, experiencing everything firsthand. The composition makes you experience an incredibly freeing and exhilarating feeling, one that is sure to put a smile on your face. This song is sure to be a hit with country music fans and is a great addition to Burke’s already impressive catalog of songs. If you’re a fan of country music or just good music in general, be sure to check out “I Don’t Drive A Truck” by Matte Burke.

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