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Koburg - Strike Back (Twisted Version)
Koburg - Strike Back (Twisted Version)
Koburg - Strike Back (Twisted Version)

Koburg – Strike Back (Twisted Version)

Are you fond of music that uplifts the soul with a lot of power and motivation? If so, then the single by Koburg, Strike Back (Twisted Version), will be a song that you will fall in love with instantly. This song is a hard-hitting, powerful-sounding, symphonic metal track that upholds the traditional tones of the genre and makes it even more unique with a touch of modern-day musical elements. For those who are unaware, Koburg is a one-woman musician who does everything you can think of, including writing, composing, and playing every instrument in her songs!

In her latest single, Strike Back (Twisted Version), Koburg gifts us her beautiful voice alongside an excellent composition full of catchy, soul-satisfying musical elements. This song talks about fighting and surviving through one’s inner, personal battles, and the aggression and anthem-like melody of the song honestly uplifts your spirits. You feel like breaking out of the confines of personal mind conflicts and moving on in life.

Strike Back (Twisted Version) starts with a haunting piano melody that sounds quite much like it is drawing you into the song’s sonic universe! As the drums kick in following the piano melody, the whole soundscape of the music becomes louder, and you will get to hear some excellent, powerful, punchy guitar playing in the song. Another fantastic feature of this song is the lovely string section that holds the song’s vibe together.

Overall, if you’re feeling low and searching for music that can motivate you for the better, listen to the single by Koburg, Strike Back (Twisted Version) and you can find the track here:

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