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A.R.B. – Magic in you | Organic house

A.R.B. (also known as A.R.B. Beats), the Canadian producer, DJ, and songwriter, has been causing a stir in the house music scene for the past three years. Following the successful release of his single “Desert Dawn,” this former lawyer-turned-artist has recently made a triumphant return with his latest release, “Magic in You.” A fusion of organic house and uplifting trance, the single is a testament to A.R.B.’s mastery of creating high-energy tracks that hit all the right notes.

“Magic in You” begins with a lively house beat that sets the tone for an upbeat experience. A.R.B.’s signature trance elements are evident in the track, including a soulful female vocal that takes center stage and delivers the lyrics, “I feel a connection with you… / There is some kind of magic in you.” The dynamic instrumentation perfectly complements the lead melody, building towards a drop that hits with a catchy flute melody reminiscent of Timmy Trumpet.

Each section of the track builds beautifully, showcasing A.R.B.’s solid arrangement skills and his understanding of what makes a great house track. The lush synth-infused instrumentation and richness in the high-range add depth to the mix, while the groovy bassline drives the track forward, making for a production that will keep dancefloors buzzing. Fans of A.R.B. are sure to be thrilled with this release, and for those unfamiliar with his work, “Magic in You” is the perfect introduction to this talented artist.

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