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Lethia's Natorium | Sorry no longer cuts it | Singer-Songwriter | Genre is an illusion | Progressive Punk rock
Lethia's Natorium | Sorry no longer cuts it | Singer-Songwriter | Genre is an illusion | Progressive Punk rock

Lethia’s Natorium – Sorry No Longer Cuts It | Genre is an illusion

Progressive Symphonics Goth Punk Rock! That sure is a mouthful for a genre, isn’t it? It is also the only group of words that can accurately describe Lethia’s Natorium’s style of music. I always appreciate an artist that is not bound by the boundaries of genres. This is more like an amalgamation of genres as they spill out of their boxes into each other. Absolutely beautiful style of music that takes the listener on a confusing journey through the labyrinths of Lethia’s Natorium!

Singer/ songwriter and musician Pena Hughes-John is the mastermind behind the band ‘Lethia’s Natorium’. She has previously adopted many guises in her music by working with a lot of projects. Her solo work has attracted a lot of following at local folk and Steampunk events. There was always an inner rock side to Pena and she finally has the opportunity to create work in the genre through this band. This probably explain the mixture of genres in their music!

The song starts off with a nice guitar riff and angelic vocals from Pena. The strumming takes you along while sudden delayed riffs just envelope the listener as the hook comes in. The hook – “Sorry no longer cuts it” has the potential to get stuck in your head. Then the song goes back to its lower tempo for a few seconds until the hook blasts in to the mix again. A very nice predictable style of music that has varying tempos that go up and down like crests and troughs in a sin wave.

Very nice composition and a wonderful mix always results in a compelling song that has the potential to hit the charts. The voice of Pena is memorable while the lyrics stick in your head, especially the hook. A really nice blend of genres that has come out better than I ever imagined it would.

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