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Alt Komşu- Aklima Düşman (Lonasona Remix) | Instant Earworm

Alt Komşu is a band that plays music in the alternative rock genre. The band members are İrfan Üzümcü (vocal and electric guitar), Deniz Torun (electric guitar), Boran Koştu (bass guitar), and Kutay Çilesiz (drum). Their debut song, “Seni Görünce,” marked the beginning of their musical journey. Since then, they have released several singles and albums, all of which have been well-received by fans and critics alike. Their music is characterized by its catchy melodies and lyrics. It is also characterized by its unique approach to songwriting, which often combines different musical styles and influences. Alt Komşu has managed to create a unique musical identity.

The song “Aklima Düşman (Lonasona Remix)” is a collaboration with another Turkish band, Lonasona. I could sense the singer’s passion when listening to this song, despite the fact that I couldn’t follow the lyrics. The beginning of the song starts with amazing guitar riffs and drum beats that make me want to hear more from this band. Then comes the dreamy vocals. They are so good that they make me want to close my eyes and listen to them all day long. As the rhythms intensify so does the mood. You are transported to another world where everything looks magical and welcoming. You can easily imagine yourself floating away on a boat or in the clouds or simply sitting on the beach by yourself while listening to the song. Near halfway through there’s a guitar solo that is a chef’s kiss! It’s so good I could not stop smiling while listening to it. This is definitely one of those songs that will stay in your head for days after you hear it. The tune will surely get you up and moving – the perfect way to kick off your week and wave goodbye to your Monday blues! So why wait? Add “Aklima Düşman (Lonasona Remix)” to your playlist today!

Enjoy listening to Aklima Düşman (Lonasona Remix) here.

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