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Scarlet Mill-Sea Devil
Scarlet Mill-Sea Devil
Scarlet Mill-Sea Devil

Scarlet Mill bring the storybook to you with the soft indie rock track, “Sea Devil”

Scarlet Mill will tell you stories that they craft, quite simply. What follows from this band is a combination of unique style, effort and their attention to detail. The narratives are an example of what stellar musicianship can do, and the worlds that can be travelled, in this one world. This is their latest single, Sea Devil. 

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The bookmark of a story

This is the tale of a protagonist’s journey from Port Henry to Paris. Traveling with their music as well, the stringed arrangement opens the song. The tones are reminiscent of a Bowie like reach into the mind of this man. Scarlet Mill layer several layers, with soft percussion. You can hear the haunting harmonics going along with the lyrics, as though to exemplify the mind and the body. The song stays in your head, as a part of your conscience as well. Descriptive images ghost your imagination, even though the melodies travel far and wide. It is a brilliantly composed song, the guitar tone is something I have become obsessed with. Precursor this track with Port Henry, and you’ll practically see the story writing itself in front of you. 

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The 2020 album Chronicles is worth experiencing for the stellar storyboard that it is. It is like staring into a kaleidoscope of a parallel projection, with milestones of interest spiralling your way. You can follow Scarlet Mill and listen to their unique style and enjoy the latest single here!:

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