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Faded Shades - My Place (Or Your Place)
Faded Shades - My Place (Or Your Place)
Faded Shades - My Place (Or Your Place)

UK Based Pop-Rock Trio Faded Shades brings a fresh new sound with their latest single, My Place (Or Your Place)

If you love easy-listening, soul-pleasing pop music, then you should definitely give a listen to the latest single by Faded Shades, My Place (Or Your Place). Originating from Kent, the United Kingdom, Faded Shades is a pure pop-rock outfit where the trio consists of the amazingly talented singer-songwriter, guitar player Joe, the tasteful bass player Liam and the man responsible for the tight and soothing grooves, drummer Charlie. Together, these three brilliant musicians bring their individual musical influences and create some of the most beautiful music that one might rarely get to hear.

My Place (Or Your Place), Faded Shades’ latest single is a song that sticks for a long time with the ones who listen to it a few times. Besides the catchy melody lines of this song, if you listen well, you might as well find heavy influences of artists like Tom Petty or perhaps bands like The Strokes. The overall sound of Faded Shades is very fresh, and it feels like discovering new music under the same roof as the pop genre.

The track My Place (Or Your Place) is the perfect example of the signature sound of Faded Shades, and special mention and appreciation go out to the overall composition. Besides its steady up-tempo beats, the clean guitar tones cut through the mix with utmost clarity, thereby adding the most vibrant sonic colors to the track, and you will instantly fall in love with it right from the first listen.

So, get into a happy mood as you listen to Faded Shades’ latest single, My Place (Or Your Place), and you can check out this beautiful track here:

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