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Sambox-Hanami | Watch in awe

Sambox has always been able to paint a pretty picture with his music. Sometimes, that art is seen as resultant magic on screen. Here is an artist that truly breathes and lives the instrumental music he makes. With each passing note, you feel the scene unfold. This is his latest single, Hanami.

For those who don’t know, Hanami is the art of viewing the cherry trees blossom. It is a word rooted in Japanese, but Sambox creates a song that has a global touch. With strings and pianos, the root of the moment is understood, something as simple as respecting nature. It is a prolific track he proceeds to make, moments turning heavy-but waiting in anticipation. The bloom, being a metamorphosis, is seen as a spectacle that it is.

Those who watch anime, would instantly connect with the kind of scene that would be laid out in front of you. There are immense complications when there are no lyrics to describe nature, but it is safe to say that this mad painter has framed it with creative accuracy. It is truly breathtaking, to listen to and see.  Anita Barbereau adds another layer of magic to this track, making it all the more special.

With Hatchway For You and Supermen, Sambox has instrumental tracks that have become fan favourites. Liar in Love and Feel Me have different tones, tailor-made for each occasion. Each listening experience takes you to a place unknown, and in minutes you’re standing in the thick of it. Listen to his brilliant single here and follow him for more:

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