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Sarantos – Father’s Day | Heartwarming
Sarantos – Father’s Day | Heartwarming

Sarantos – Father’s Day | Heartwarming

Sarantos is an avid musician and also writer. He is one of a kind as he releases a new song/book every month and is widely loved for his classic musical taste. Known for creating amazing modern rock numbers, Sarantos has been garnering love from his fans for all the right reasons!

His recent track called Father’s Day is an amazing song that warms your heart more than anything else.  As soon as you hit the play button, you will be in awe of how this song unfolds. Starting with an ever so soft tune, the song unravels its bliss with Sarantos’s extraordinary vocals. The whole song has this quality intact throughout its running course, that it, the vocals make for one of the most liberating things of the song.

The song is equally heartwarming when it comes to the lyrics. Soul-touching lyrics that explore the soft relationship of a father and child, make this song tender and exquisite. You would be in awe of the sweetness of the lyrics that linger long after you have listened to the track.

The soothing rock and mellow vibes add to the whole feeling even more. You would notice how every element in the song complements each other, be it the vocals, the soft pace, or the soothing tunes. Everything fits together perfectly, in just the right manner. Overall, this song is a must-listen for all the rock junkies out there!

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