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Jessenation releases a fiery pop number ‘Fire Party’
Jessenation releases a fiery pop number ‘Fire Party’

Jessenation releases a fiery pop number ‘Fire Party’

Jessenation is known for his out of the box music that always manages to elevate the listeners spirits no matter what. With amazing, exotic feel to his music, he is praised and loved by those who have an ear for music. The musical world of Jessenation is not an ordinary one and if you step into it, you surely won’t leave empty handed.

His recent release is a fiery number called ‘Fine Party’. A classic example of a lively pop song that will give you a perfect oomph after a tiring day.  What feels like a thrilling and jovial party song can be treated as a song you would want to unwind to as well. There is a gentler side to the song as well. The sounds are so versatile that they can suit a lot of your moods and manage to elevate your spirits everytime you listen to this amazing song.

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What gives this song so much of goodness is Jessenation’s charming vocals. He not only manages to grab all of you attention with his charming vocals but also lets you loose to the carefree nature of this song. It is so very lively to hear him sing with so much joy and vitality that you feel uplifted just by hearing the song for the first time.

The production of the song is amazing and that’s what makes sure every emotion in the song comes to the surface and makes the whole experience of listening to this song, a nuanced delight!

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