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Romain Gutsy, Marc Bentel – My Only Love | Wholesome
Romain Gutsy, Marc Bentel – My Only Love | Wholesome

Romain Gutsy, Marc Bentel – My Only Love | Wholesome

Romain Gutsy is known for his classic vintage music that features many instruments and always has a fun element to it. This time Romain has collaborated with Marc Bentel to give us this track called My Only Love which is everything you need to hear this week.

My Only Love starts off pleasantly in a laid-back manner but lifts the mood of the listener instantly. The music sounds retro and feels quite classy with its playful and satisfying vibe. As soon as the vocals kick in you realize that the song is going to be a unique affair because of everything that it offers. The vocals are quite laid back and playful and lift the mood almost instantly. The great thing about the track is that it maintains its laid-back pace throughout the song. There’s no part in the track that’s boring or over the top because of how well everything has been fused together. You would be in awe of how well the song progresses. With a unique element in every minute of this song, you would want to hear this track, again and again, to fully devour its real magic.

The song is about love and for love.  Everything would make you go soft in the best way possible. It is heartwarming but even more charming and jovial. The song is perfect to listen to on a rainy day if you want to jazz up things a little bit.

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