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Kevin Roy Correll - Wouldn't Change A Thing
Kevin Roy Correll - Wouldn't Change A Thing

Kevin Roy Correll – Wouldn’t Change A Thing | Classy

Kevin Roy Correll is a singer-songwriter of Alternative, Rock, and Blues music. Correll has found it difficult to achieve perfect chemistry with other musicians to produce original music. He has taken this in good spirit, however, and strives to create music that is true to him as a musician. His heart has always belonged to original music and expressly believes that we should always listen to our hearts!

Wouldn’t Change A Thing is a track that so classically rocks that it checks every box for me. The drums are fast-paced and hold down the groove with the bass line that reminds me of this one Blues line I love playing. The piano straight up goes hard right from the first bar of the track. Kevin Roy Correll does such a brilliant job on the guitar work as well. The entire instrumental sits so beautifully reminding me of some really nice Bon Jovi, KISS, and Def Leppard. The track is incomplete without the melodious vocals that Kevin Roy Correll masterfully produces. The backing vocals and harmonies really add a wide atmosphere for you to enjoy. The whole track just sits so comfortably for me.

I really like Wouldn’t Change A Thing. It’s a track that I really wouldn’t change a thing about. It’s got everything the classic rockers used from Aerosmith to ZZ Top.

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