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Venusia-The Man Who Sold The World
Venusia-The Man Who Sold The World
Venusia-The Man Who Sold The World

Venusia-The Man Who Sold The World | On the cusp of change

Venusia is a once in a lifetime project. That is what their music sounds like as well. The duo found each other during the pandemic, and have been making melodic muses ever since. With 2 singles under their belt, they release their latest single, The Man Who Sold The World. A cover of the Bowie classic, let’s see what their take is on it.

After hearing Nirvana’s cover of the song, there were few things that could hold that kind of truism. At the height of their fame, Cobain brought the misery of the protagonist in his voice. Venusia revert to the textural complexity of the Bowie original. With acoustic guitar and bass primarily being heard, Andrew’s vocals pierce through with a strength that comes with feeling. The vivid re-imagination with strings highlighting in places made it that much more of a joy to listen to. There aren’t unnecessary additions, the respect to the original is maintained while adding their orchestral aspects into the song.

Venusia has an edge that comes with the natural pieces of the puzzle coming together. Anisah’s vocals come in to add the harmonics only where the effect has a predisposition. There is no over saturation of musicians in any parts, leading to a very rousing closing. Their original’s show the shared passion they have, Solstice Love and Waking Dream are streaming as well. Listen to their single here. Check out their Instagram as well:


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