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Nicole Saphos Band – Keepin' Eyes
Nicole Saphos Band – Keepin' Eyes

Nicole Saphos Band – Keepin’ Eyes | Shining Dials

Keepin’ Eyes is the latest alternate indie rock single by Los Angeles act Nicole Saphos Band. Her music is located in genres influenced by Fiona Apple and the Dirty Projectors.

Nicole was the first musician to be accepted into the esteemed residency programme at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine in 2019. For her songwriting and performing work, she has also won a number of prestigious grant awards, including the Maryland State Arts Council’s Regional Independent Artist Award for 2020

The single art cover gives this retro rock feel with the font, organs, and classic Fender bass. The song begins with a prominent well rounded bass line with the drums then descends with loud cymbals, snares, and kicks. This swiftly moves to a laid back rim snare groove with clean chorus drenched jangly rhythm gutars. The verses here make use of vocal harmonies with the back harmony being very soft like a thought in the head.

Nicole Saphos Band with the chorus resolves all these elements into a neat musical bow. We get a clean electric guitar solo which is very chiming and shining in its tone and asyncing layers. The song moves to a grand theatre of the varied musical feel of the song with the rhythm pushing the edges and cymbals going insane.

Saphos has also won the Montgomery County Arts Council’s Artist & Scholars scholarships for 2018 and 2020. She has so far put out three Albums that have received glowing praise, and she has played at prestigious venues including The Kennedy Center, Smithsonian American Art Museum, and Rockwood Music Hall.

Overall, Keepin’ Eyes by Nicole Saphos Band feels much like a Wes Anderson movie, full of character, colour, and charm rooted in bittersweet feelings.

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