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LIWU K-Paralysed
LIWU K-Paralysed
LIWU K-Paralysed

LIWU K-Paralysed | Matters of the heart

LIWU K had to make a splash with her debut. Too many artists, too many songs. With each vibration and frequency, some artists have the chance to connect with their listeners. LIWU is also one of these artists. The honesty and baring it all may be heavy on the soul, but it’ll win you hearts. This is her latest single, Paralysed.

Paralysed features only LIWU K through her powerful voice, channeling grief and asking what twists of fate brought her here. Her track is a form of absolution, and as a debut will echo through the chambers of indie pop like a hallowed bell. The reverberating piano keys strum at the veins of your heart, while LIWU makes her voice heard through the epidermis and below the flesh.

Her music is remnant of the newer phase Adele went through. With tracks that were shattering to sit through, there was a truth to her newest biography. LIWU K can make this kind of mirror shattering step into absolution with just this voice. This might be a debut, but it is a lead into something much more powerful and profound. With lyricism that sounds like a journal entry, there is a lot to talk about and things that are a darker part of her present. As an audience, we might get to see it all. As an artist, it might pain her to look inside.

Listen to her powerful single here:

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