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President Street – Tell Me Brother | Irresistible

Since they first burst onto the scene, President Street (Ruby and Pete) have been turning heads with their unique sound. By fusing pop, drum, and bass, they’ve created a sound that is truly their own. And with their message of positivity and inclusion, they’re a band that we all need right now. As we head into 2023, President Street has big plans for taking their music to the next level. With their incredible talent and dedication to their art, there’s no doubt that they’ll achieve everything they set their minds to. They’re sure to be one of the biggest bands around.

The talented duo from Australia has come up with a new single, “Tell Me Brother.” “Tell Me Brother” is a beautifully crafted song that hits all the right notes. The lyrics are thoughtful and honest, the melodies are catchy and memorable, and the overall production is top-notch. But what really makes the song stand out is its unique sound. The song is guaranteed to make you grin because of its uplifting melody. But, despite its cheerful tone, the song conveys a serious message about the horrors of war. The world is in a chaotic place right now, and we need to start peacemaking instead of war making. This song is a powerful call to action that we should all heed. The song starts with a peppy yet airy feeling, hinting at the fun that is to come along with Ruby’s powerful vocals that immediately pull the listener in from the first note. The beat picks up, and the song really starts to make you groove. Horns and keyboards are icing on the cake here. Totally loved it! The song makes your feet tap and your head nod along. By the time the chorus hits, it’s impossible not to be singing along. President Street has definitely outdone themselves with this one.

Enjoy grooving along to Tell Me Brother here.

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