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Joelle Charan - Blue Moon Bird
Joelle Charan - Blue Moon Bird

Joelle Charan – Blue Moon Bird | Fresh Origins

‘Blue Moon Bird,’ Joelle Charan’s brand new song, is full of wonderful surprises. The texture of each instrument in the arrangement is spectacular. Everyone here is allowed their proper room, and no instrument outshines the others. A lovely example of east meeting west. The combination of Harp and Sitar, although having almost identical frequency ranges, sounds lovely and perfect. The purity in the mix is outstanding.

New York-based Joelle Charan’s blend of pop, jazz, and Indian instruments is flawless. The song combines ambient feelings with a peaceful voice harmonies. Producer John Reynolds (Sinéad O’Connor, Brian Eno, U2, Damien Dempsey) mixed and mastered the new track. Joelle creates music with compelling narratives. Her listeners are captivated by her detailed lyrics, which relate stories inspired by her Indian grandparents, her family’s difficulties, and her life in New York. Joelle’s dreamy pop melodies are mixed with classical Indian influences creating a sound that is both immersive and full of surprises, drawing musical inspiration from the likes of Laura Mvula and Daniel Lanois.

Joelle’s songwriting is evolving into a new form of song structure. It’s a courageous attempt to take songs out of the current craze. It requires your attention to comprehend the structure she wishes to build. It will be with you for a long time if you receive it and enjoy it. The experience is irreplaceable.

In summary, I had a fantastic time listening to this new composition, which left me wanting more as it faded away. That’s a good thing. Joelle’s vocal performance is excellent, and the vocal harmonies make you would want take flight and cuddle the pink-hued skies, or chase the rising light. Blue Moon Bird is undoubtedly a new variety that we require more of in order to build a coherent cosmos of sound.

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