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Luis Oliart & The Hinges – Rise Up! Fire On The Mountain | Modern Rock

Luis Oliart, frontman of the band, The Hinges (Norwood Fisher, John Steward, and Jay O’Keefe), released their debut single, “Rise Up! Fire On The Mountain” on October 8th. Luis is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, composer, and teacher from Southern California, and has toured the world, playing Carnegie Hall to B.B. King’s Blues Club. His experience as a multi-instrumentalist is evident in his single that’s full of energy, electrifying and, aggressive in the best possible way.

“Rise Up! Fire On The Mountain” begins with a powerful drum beat and an aggressive guitar riff setting the mood for the track. Taking inspiration from rock music from the 90s and 00s, the song has a groove that you could headbang to and a chorus you’ll love singing along with. As is standard for rock-music bands, it consists of a four-piece band arrangement composed of rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, and drums – very effective and familiar for rock fans. A rock anthem that consists of a bassline that carries the 3:08-minute track throughout and guitar fillers that hit all the right spots, “Rise Up! DeFire On The Mountain” to me, sounds like a modern mix of Soundgarden and The Smashing Pumpkins.

According to the band members, the aim of this fight song is to alleviate tension and frustration but to also instill a sense of hope in the people. The track is mainly fuelled by guitar fillers over a simple four-chord progression. Harmonies add to the depth of the track and make the lead vocals sound more full and effectively louder. I liked how the vocalist sounds a bit like James Hetfield in the chorus; suitable for the infectious guitar riffs that are full of thrill.

The Hinges are well known for their live performances in various pubs and clubs in California. The band has been developing their sound jamming throughout the Covid-19 lockdown and has coalesced a chemistry that has allowed them to play “full throttle” live, as they’ve said. “Rise Up! Fire On The Mountain” is the first song in their journey to create rock music for a modern crowd, and I’m sure they have a lot more music in store for their fans!

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