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The Art Crimes Band – In the Dark of the Evening
The Art Crimes Band – In the Dark of the Evening

The Art Crimes Band – In the Dark of the Evening | Dazzling Vistavista

Today we have a look at the 2021 release In the Dark of the Evening by R&B/Soul Irish act The Art Crimes Band. The Cork City magicians have a signature sound rooted in 80s style adult contemporary. They blend soul with smooth pop giving a nostalgic feel with their flawless playing bringing vivid feelings to life. Their single Neon Skyline was an ethereal neon delight. Here, we get a more uptempo number with plenty of musical dynamics.

With a chanting call and response choral motif, the song leaves a mark in its intro. A tonally well-rounded bass line by Tim O’Leary adorns the rhythm section of the bass alongside some astute drumming. Gary Baus enchants us with his brief but sweet saxophone solo here. Grace McMahon on vocals shines through and through giving a firm anchor to The Art Crimes Band.

The song’s production is polished and clean, with each instrument coming through clearly in the mix. The sonic canvass of the band is fresh and seamless, adding to the overall emotional impact of the song. With its catchy hooks and soulful vocals, it’s sure to be a hit with fans of R&B and pop music. The song’s upbeat tempo and positive message make it a perfect choice for a night out on the town, or for getting through a tough day with a smile on your face.

The primary vocal refrain reminds us of a sound rooted in gospel, soul, R&B, and the blues. The song clocks in at less than three minutes and keeps you enthralled throughout. Some aspects of the song reminds one of The Police with a reggae rock feel at its base. Overall, In the Dark of the Evening is a dynamic and memorable track that showcases The Art Crimes Band’s versatility and musicianship.

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