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jazz robertson - it ain't me
jazz robertson - it ain't me

Jazz Robertson – It Ain’t Me | The Emotional Symphony

Jazz Robertson is a Colorado based songwriter and producer known for her orchestral production and conversational lyrics. It Ain’t Me is Jazz Robertson’s latest single, magically exploring a common human experience.

The song is a lament about the protagonist not being prioritized by her lover. The artist conveys the protagonist’s pain and betrayal using the soft passion of piano chords and slow tragic beat cycles. The artist’s honey-sweet vocals carry a casual resignation that adds a fresh coat of sadness to the song.

We also see rising orchestral harmonies featuring periodically and towards the end of the chorus which infuses the song with leaping emotion. The artist’s vocals enchants the listener and forces a tender sympathy for the protagonist. The artist is a minstrel laying a wreath for the protagonist’s shattered heart. We see a guitar detail lined with a softer guitar harmony towards the middle of the song that further surges the emotional reach of the song.

The artist employs a gradual technique to add emotion into the song by using beat drops, lilting harmonies, guitar layers and voice modulation. The devotion of the protagonist to her lover is made evident by honest lyrics and vulnerable vocals. You can almost feel your chest heave with emotion as the harmonies rise. Mercy is weaved into the song and demonstrates that painful journeys don’t have to be bitter and hateful.

It Ain’t Me is a stirring rendition replete an emotional and touching message. Inspired by events in her personal life, the song is autobiographical and rendered with great emotion.

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