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Joe Kann | Something Beautiful, Something Good | Soothing
Joe Kann | Something Beautiful, Something Good | Soothing

Joe Kann – Something Beautiful, Something Good | Soothing

Joe Kann is a singer/songwriter who has this immeasurable talent of making soothing music that stirs up all kinds of emotions within the listener. After honing his sound for about two years with a few releases, Joe presents ‘Something beautiful, Something good’. The amount of talent exhibited in this single from a solo singer and songwriter is just awe inspiring. His choice of instruments and layering shows how good a ear he has.

‘Something beautiful, something good’ is a really simple laid-back track that just creates a soothing feeling. The constant guitar work adds to this and enhances the overall sedation of this track. The vocals are a whole other story. It is as if the singer is whispering a bedtime story while you slowly nod away into a blissful sleep. There is just something about his voice, almost like a “Morgan Freeman” effect.

Joe was born in New York but he happened to spend a lot of time traveling the country. That is where his influence comes from, as these were the formative years where he started showing interest in music. Even though he wanted to become a musician, Joe ended becoming an air traffic controller. This didn’t mean he gave up on his dreams. Joe was absorbing and learning from every experience and every style of music that he listened. Right from classic rock ‘n’ roll to even early blues. Only now after about thirty years of first picking up a guitar, Joe is finally putting his life stories into music.

An inspiring story that shows the dedication and the reward that persistence can help you achieve. The lyrics in this song are soothing and are so simple. He talks about how his needs aren’t that great and all that he really wants is just happiness. Not money or some fancy movie scene. Just real love and happiness is enough regardless the set and setting.

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