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Stephanie Seymour - There Was a Time | Inner Harmony 
Stephanie Seymour - There Was a Time | Inner Harmony 

Stephanie Seymour – There Was a Time | Inner Harmony 

Stephanie Seymour, a singer and songwriter has released a fresh single There Was a Time, which instils nostalgia in the finest of ways. 

The beauty of There Was a Time is that it talks about lost times and friendships in the most remarkable of ways. The lyrics that bring about a sense of joy and nostalgia at the same time stir mixed feelings that might make you groove. However, they might even make you cry. Through Seymour’s enriching vocals, you feel uplifted almost immediately. The subtle, soft vocals compliment the warmth of the track perfectly. Moreover, the fineness of this track is even more enhanced with its rich retro undertones, sounds of trumpet, and chorus that occasionally adds to the charm here and there. There Was a Time stirs feelings of loss and reminds you of little things from the past that gave you joy. Its retro feel does a perfect job of bringing the memories from a different decade. This Stephanie Seymour song feels like a treat to the ears after a long tiring day, yet also makes your heart tender in the sweetest of ways. 

The lyrics are cheerful and make you want to celebrate the good old times. The happiness that once lingered due to a person or a thing, feels attainable yet again. One would notice Stephanie’s attempt to instil a sense of gratitude among its listeners through this track. With a rhythm that feels like classic and soft vocals that add to the warmth, this track makes for a great listen. The perfect adjective to describe this song in one word would be, heartwarming. 

The joviality of this track and its sheer potential of making you sing along and even groove is extraordinary. Strictly speaking from my own experience! 

Hop on to listen to this heartwarming track right here:

Stephanie Seymour, There Was a Time music video:

Check out Stephanie Seymour’s bandcamp here: https://stephanieseymour.bandcamp.com/releases

Stephanie Seymour’s IG page: https://www.instagram.com/there_are_birds/

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