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Jay Cass | Show me how to love | Beyond genre | Electronic Dance Music | Black House
Jay Cass | Show me how to love | Beyond genre | Electronic Dance Music | Black House

Jay Cass – Show Me How To Love | Beyond genre

A pioneer of a genre that is slowly catching on, Jay Cass is a masterful producer. Black House, is a hybrid between electronic house music and hip hop! Why did it take so long to make this a genre? This is literally the perfect blend of the two styles that just sets the vibe for any situation. Be it a party, a drive or just a lazy and hazy day, ‘Show me how to love’ is a vibe.

Jonathan Casanova is the brain behind Jay Cass and has been making beats since he was 9 years old. His story is inspirational enough to make a movie out of! His brother also was a producer and his biggest inspiration and support. 2008 was when he shot to fame with his mixtape “Let’s Be Honest” which he single-handedly produced, recorded and engineered! Jonathan is also a singer that has shared his voice on many projects with other artists. Is there anything this guy cannot do? Another interesting observation is the genre jumping. Black House is a wide genre that encompasses a lot of styles of music. Infinite combinations and possibilities, and Jay Cass is just exploring each and every one of them by making a different style of beat every time.

The song starts off with a full-fledged beat and some vocal snips that just throw you into the mood instantly. Typical of this style of music! Its almost as if he has written this track in reverse, with the peaks at places you’d least expect and not in the usual crescendo style of music. The kick stands out with just the right amount of punchiness, but stays perfectly behind all the other sounds, creating a lot of space and making the mix absolutely clean. I personally love the synth shots and melodies that just go so well with the vocal samples that Jay seems to use as some kind of a lead.

The song has a really nice break towards the middle, that just changes the mood of the track. Almost feels as if these are two different tracks, an infamous trick in this genre. Personally, I prefer the second half. It’s a perfect chill vibe that just supplements the daze that you are already in. Absolute banger of a track that has successfully made it to my playlist! As the track progresses from here, it just gets better. With beautiful leads that just wrap themselves around you, this track is a step towards a great career for Jay Cass!

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