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Molly Baker-Beautiful Chaos
Molly Baker-Beautiful Chaos
Molly Baker-Beautiful Chaos

Molly Baker brings an alt-rock reverie with her single, “Beautiful Chaos”

Molly Baker genuinely loves music. This might truly explain why she is a multi-instrumentalist and such a versatile performer. There should be some major confusion as to what genre she chooses. She’s a talented songwriter with simple lyrics that talk about love, life and the intricacies in it. This is her latest single, Beautiful Chaos.

In snippets, it might sound like an Olivia Rodrigo sound. However, Molly Baker makes sure she’s on the instruments. With a genuinely lovely voice and an alt-rock swing, she kicks the door open for this song. The chorus is something I haven’t heard so stylishly executed by seasoned professionals. With just a few lines, she shows us how she can navigate her vocals, whittle it to perfection and make it impressively catchy. If this song doesn’t start my morning, I don’t know which one will. The harmonics bring in a new dimension, textured and nuanced. As the guitars in the verse diversify, the pulse reaches highest in the chorus. The bridge is a breather, soothing and simple. It might give you serious blink-182 vibes, I know it did to me. 

You might have heard of her hit track Go With the Flow in any of the many indie playlists it was featured in. A young star with a flaming heart, there is no doubt Molly Baker is rising on her own terms. By having command of so many instruments, you’;ll always stay surprised with these versions of her. Sometimes, she might surprise herself too:

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