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Giant Head Collective-Without Me
Giant Head Collective-Without Me
Giant Head Collective-Without Me

Giant Head Collective-Without Me | Above the clouds

Giant Head Collective is the brainchild of Mark Breingan. Inspiring and bringing together indie artists from Scotland and the surrounding islands, Giant Head Collective makes good, soulful rock, with more on the plate after a song that you could imagine. Their single is called Without Me, the opening track from their album Pandora’s Box.

With a unique Celtic guitar sound, the tone in this track is as layered as the composition of the Earth itself. With a major chord progression like rock legends Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and Mudcrutch, Mark Breingan aims to add a little flavor of his own. He might have miscalculated, as it shifts to become something that is unique to him. The soaring vocals during verses are taken over by the guitar at the crest note. This creates a seamless stitch between strings and vocals. Without Me is a remnant of great music composition, mastered by someone who observes music as an entity.

Giant Head Collective just released their latest album, and it’s really worth exploring. I discovered The Silencers recently and the vocals have the wondrous tendency of belonging to a memory. This is a powerful aspect, something David Bowie could alter as created album after album. The simple guitar work and progression is what makes this song such an uplifting and powerful track. It takes flight and glides on its own virtue, wings spread in all its majesty. Choosing this track to open the album is also a calculated move, sets tone for the rest of what we can expect.

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