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Drew Hunter - Broke No More | Soulful
Drew Hunter - Broke No More | Soulful

Drew Hunter – Broke No More | Soulful

Drew Hunter is an ardent singer, songwriter, and musician from Denver. With a keen interest in music, Drew Hunter has been drawn to the world of music ever since he was a kid. After polishing and mastering his skills as a musician for years, he has finally stepped into the world of online streaming platforms and has released his singles. His recent single Broke No More is a delight in itself. And this article will explore why. 

Broke No More starts off with an interesting rhythm that lures you into listening more attentively. The overall slow pace of the song makes it soulful. Moreover, Broke No More has a lot of interesting and out of the box elements, that should be paid heed to. With charming and mellifluous vocals, Drew Hunter wins your heart in no time. There is an authentic sort of precision in the vocals, that gives this song a finer edge and makes it what it is. One should definitely notice the pace and the quality of Hunter’s voice. A lot many things feel improvised but with magnificence. Nowhere do you feel the need of skipping or pausing, simply because the interesting elements of Broke No More keep you engaged and how!

Broke No More is an acoustic delight that will fill your soul up with everything that it has to offer. Great lyrics add to the charm and enjoyment even further. Overall, this song makes for a must listen!

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