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Aini-Under My Spell (Seherazade)
Aini-Under My Spell (Seherazade)
Aini-Under My Spell (Seherazade)

Aini-Under My Spell (Seherazade) | Spellbound!

Finnish artist Aini has a lot of tales to tell. The raconteur has made music since 2020, and has effortlessly managed to combine pop magic with the vernacular twists of her heritage. Her new single is a translated door to wonderland, a reprise of her 2021 single, Seherazade. This is Under My Spell (Seherazade).

I’ve heard close to 200 artists this summer and none come close in terms of composition like Aini. This reminds me of a faction of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, language tending to control the train of thought. Combining her melodious voice with Markus Perttula, these two go together like gin and tonic. While one glides on a higher register, the other experiments in a level playing field of notes, rich with the dissonant harmonics and simple choreography.

Aini has used a back door in a sense, to create something I would expect to hear in a Disney movie. However, the depth here is unreal, for someone who is navigating these untraversed waters. Her 2020 single Tänä vuonna toisin has a solid number of streams, but nowhere near the sorcery she leaves us with. This single is easily one of her best, and her showing this repeatedly means there is an edge of a diamond that has surfaced. I don’t know about you, but her spell worked on me.

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