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Lacañgan - Take It To The Floor
Lacañgan - Take It To The Floor

Lacañgan – Take It To The Floor

Lamar Lacañgan is a San Diego-born singer-songwriter, executive producer, actor, and entrepreneur based in Houston, Texas. Having sung alongside industry titans such as Carrie Underwood, Kansas, Katy Perry, EA-Ski, Hellfire, Ike Turner, Lester Abrams and others, his musical enterprise sports winning blends of pop and soul melodies that have you grooving. Take It To the Floor, featuring 3 time Grammy nominee, Steven J Collins, is Lacañgan ‘s second single of 2022.

Loaded with fun beats and infectious hooks, the song instantly has you grooving and moving. The fluid vocals sail through the song with a soul that is reminiscent of Bruno Mars. Loops of starry melodies cast a dreamy glow as layers of vocals slice through the song.

The song carries a whole range of textures and styles from electronic elements, chorus singing, and high octave ethereal tangents to smooth and sparkling synths. We also see catchy ad-libs sprinkled throughout the song and accented by jolly vocal tangents. The lilting harmonies underpinning the verses are replete with glassy blues and mellow vibes.

This soul track is adorned with irresistible dance beats, addictive melody hooks and gleaming synths that will invariably take you to the floor.

Available on Spotify and YouTube Music.

Listen to Take It To The Floor by Lacañgan here-

Lacañgan – Take It To The Floor

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