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mungmung-internet friends
mungmung-internet friends

MUNGMUNG’s “Internet Friends” Is A Wake-Up Call for the Digital Age

MUNGMUNG, who hails from Eora/Sydney, is a rap and R&B artist. Her distinctive approach integrates electronic sampling, deep rhythms, and airy synths to create a boldly futuristic rap atmosphere. Infusing every note with vivid colors and invigorating vitality, MUNGMUNG’s music leaves an indelible mark.  Her momentum has been unstoppable since the onset of 2021 as she garners more recognition for her one-of-a-kind musical brilliance.  

MUNGMUNG has released her latest single, “Internet Friends,” a powerhouse track that immediately brought to mind the energy of Nicki Minaj. MUNGMUNG’s delivery of the lyrics left me spellbound with its power. The musical composition itself is at the pinnacle, featuring punchy drum beats and synths that perfectly establish an upbeat and empowering mood for the song. I was completely engrossed in the music from the very start, following its vibes throughout.

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The words deliver a powerful punch, hitting like a truck. In an era dominated by social media, where the boundary between authenticity and deception blurs, the talented artist has expertly addressed the issue. The passion and ferocity in the vocals accurately convey the message. She digs into how today’s youth are unconsciously sacrificing their innocence by obsessing over social media.

“Internet Friends” by MUNGMUNG discusses society’s obsession with likes and the disturbing habit of photo-shopping pictures to deceive people into believing that they are real. While the music is upbeat, the lyrics are deep. It serves as an anthem for all of us, addressing the concerns of this current era. At 3:28, the beat drop elevates the song to a new level, with the progression leading up to it demonstrating extraordinary production. The whole package is simply outstanding.

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Enjoy listening to “Internet Friends” by MUNGMUNG here.

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