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Rekka-Light One Up
Rekka-Light One Up
Rekka-Light One Up

Rekka-Light One Up | When the smoke settles

Rekka has established herself as an artist who doesn’t rest. She has released several EPs and is constantly creating art, through her songs and emotive lyrics. Her latest single is Light One Up, and she teams with King Thayo for this one.

From Hidden Gem, Rekka Tracks and You Been Sayin’, Rekka has had a raucous following with her song releases. They have hard hitting beats, almost deafening bass lines with lyrics she has crafted herself. In this allusion of smoking, Light One Up makes Rekka show her flow in rhythm. Her single is a diabolical surprise, with an addictive bassline acting as the trampoline on which she floats with ease. The sound effects are powerful and surreal, and almost bend time whenever she chooses to flaunt her skill for composing.

She has been featured in 11 different songs other than her own work, and there is a queue of artists waiting to collaborate with her. Her work ethic is undeniable, her music is popular and catchy and she’s gaining traction like a monster truck on cars. King Thayo adds the extra spice and tang this track requires as well, all in good time. With her pace of work, you can expect her album coming out this year, so keep following her on Spotify and her social media!

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