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Michael Peloso-Rewind (ft. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell)
Michael Peloso-Rewind (ft. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell)
Michael Peloso-Rewind (ft. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell)

Michael Peloso-Rewind (ft. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell) | In retrospect, reverse

In retrospect, it all looks different. This is one of many things to take away from Michael Peloso with his latest single, Rewind. Featuring Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell, it draws from a year (or years) of memories, lessons and moments to ruminate quietly over. Sometimes, all you have to do in life is relook at things with a simpler perspective.

That being said, Michael Peloso creates something elegantly simple, just arpeggios and oceans of chords. They don’t attack or crash into each other, rather concede with an ebb and flow. The choice of notes and chords makes it seem like one has a part of the other, like a continuous memory. Marisa Frantz instantly steals the spotlight with her mesmerizing voice, holding with each line and verse. The bubbly, perfect sound effects in the background show that ethereal flow of nature and how you can’t predict its constant movement. Just that it moves, like this song. The harmonics almost suspend time, executed beautifully and without much pomp and show. It is a masterclass of a moment in production, arrangement and vocal execution. Meditative, it still has rousing drum beats or elevated moments of sound within.

When you realize Michael started writing when he was very young, it seems to make sense. It is like reading a novelist, pages of drafts and unused snippets coming together to help in making this final product. You will not hear a better pandemic album than his 2021 album, Life’s Little Accidents. Michael Peloso wishes that each word have an impact on you, when listening to his music. With such poetry, it is difficult not to. Listen to his gorgeously executed single here:

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