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Avalight – Follow the Christmas Light- Radio Version | Warm

Avalight is a talented group of artists comprised of Susann, Maxima, Malizia, and Saeed. Their journey together began in 2020 amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeking a fresh start, the group made the bold decision to leave Germany and relocate to Switzerland. Now, they happily call Switzerland their home, sharing both a home and a workplace, and even have their own music studio where they can create and produce their art. Avalight is grateful and content, embracing each new day with creativity.

“Follow the Christmas Light- Radio Version” by Avalight, their debut single, is a heartwarming holiday classic that is sure to put a smile on your face.  I can’t imagine anyone not finding something beautiful in “Follow the Christmas Light- Radio Version.” The song’s unique combination of joyful, uplifting instrumental beats and delicate vocals is a perfect fit for any holiday playlist. From the moment the jubilant bells and happy keyboards kick off the track, you’ll be swept away to a magical winter wonderland. The energetic drum beats and festive instrumentals add to this lively atmosphere, while the passionate vocals of Avalight take things to the next level. Their voices flow seamlessly through a range of pitches, adding an extra layer of wonder to this already magical song. By the time the final notes fade away, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the magical world of a Disney movie! So why wait? Add “Follow the Christmas Light- Radio Version” to your holiday playlist today and let Avalight’s joyous melodies lift your spirits!

We recently had the opportunity to interview the dynamic four. Read on to know more.

1. Hey Avalight! Congratulations on your debut single, “Follow The Christmas Light – Radio Version.” The merry vibes of the song truly transported me to a magical day spent amidst the snow. It was such a happy and wholesome experience! Can you share what inspired you to create such a feel-good version?

A: Thanks for having us. Your words have touched us deeply and speak of a high spirit and a sensitive heart. We are all the more pleased about your support. There are not many people in the world who are happy and even spend Christmas together. With our first single, we wanted to remind people worldwide that Christmas is actually a celebration of love, sympathy and community.

2. The vocals, especially when combined with such a soothing soundscape, kept me smiling throughout. So it got me wondering: how does your band collaborate to make a song? Who is responsible for what part?

A: This is actually a very interesting question. Because we are four individuals, everyone brings a very unique influence to the band. Saeed Habibzadeh is our main composer and producer. He is a master in orchestrating and composing. So, he was the one who set up the structure of “Follow the Christmas Light” and fully orchestrated it. In the next part, we four sat down together to develop the lyrics and singing melodies. At the end, Maxima, Malizia and Susann sang the song together in the studio. This is basically our workflow. But Maxima, Malizia and Susann do not only sing the songs, they are also composers and songwriters themselves.

3. What was your process for choosing the genre(s) of this song to make it unique?

A: Honestly, the music decides that for itself. All four of us compose very differently. That is not our intention, our musicality is just like that. We cannot commit ourselves to any genre or style. And we think that this is exactly what makes us unique. We do not think too much about genres or other technical musical borders. We just start making the music out of our hearts. The music is our guide.

4. Could you tell me more about how the band came to be, specifically the events that led to their formation during the 2020 pandemic and your decision to relocate to Switzerland to embark on a new musical journey?

A: We first started collaborating on the project of Saeed ́s classical music (www.saeed-music.com) through which we got to know each other. Saeed encouraged us to also start composing ourselves which led us to find out that we all shared the same love for music. Everyone of us was having unique inspirations for new songs and Saeed discovered his talent for pop orchestrating and producing. So, we just sat down and started to produce some songs together with Saeed. This worked out so greatly and productively that we felt we had to make more of it. In 2021, we decided to leave Germany and move to Switzerland to produce our music on an international and highly professional level. We love the country and are pleased to live here.

5. What genres of music do you want to explore in your future projects?

A: You have to know first that each one of our songs is like a unique piece of art, almost as if it were its own genre. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for us to classify our songs within a certain genre. In general, you will be hearing definitely some further “pop” songs, very happy ones, love songs as well as very sad and touching ones, but we also got some more rockier and jazzier songs as well as EDM in store. All of them are of incomparable beauty and send magical messages into the world. Furthermore, we are working on our first revolutionary musicals and of course Saeed is composing great and unprecedented film music.

6. Any exciting projects in the pipeline you would like to talk about?

A: Sure, we got our next few singles ready. In February, we are going to release the single “Happy New Day”. It is a very cheerful and lively song, which tells us that we have the chance for a fresh start every day. It is giving a lot of powerful and motivational vibes combined with some deep messages. It is composed and produced by Saeed Habibzadeh and sung by Maxima.

Not to forget, Saeed is a remarkable film composer with endless stunning inspirations. At the moment, he is composing the most beautiful film music for the agent film series James Bond we have ever heard. It will be released around spring this year.

In addition, Saeed will be releasing his first film music album “Lost Men” in the beginning of this year. It is about a mafia film. Therefore, the next single we are going to release is the theme song of the film called “Nightfall”. It is composed and produced by Saeed Habibzadeh and sung by Maxima. Saeed wrote this album in honour of the men who lose their lives to senseless fights and wars, so that they shall not be forgotten.

Enjoy listening to Follow the Christmas Light- Radio Version by Avalight here.

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