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Camilo EG-Ay Ay Ay Ay
Camilo EG-Ay Ay Ay Ay
Camilo EG-Ay Ay Ay Ay

Camilo EG-Ay Ay Ay Ay | Sticky toffee

Camilo EG is a rock star made in the rock capital, Texas. A Colombian by birth, he has forged his own path in the music world, something that will last forever. In making his legacy, he has found a catchy sound that you can hear in all his music. This is his particularly sticky track, Ay Ay Ay Ay.

That is the point of the song. You instantly make a connection with the chorus, and the headache of remembering the lyrics is avoided. The song opens itself with this. We are then absorbed into his dreamy vocals, melding through the instrumentals-slowly and deliberately. With diversity limited in the lyrical sphere, he makes this a very memorable song overall. The incredible production allows the overlapping guitar and vocals, along with the buzzing rhythm section, to be felt with a conscious power. Even the breaks are parts where you seem to be lost in a daze, calming and soothing. The way Camilo EG navigates the verse section, falsetto parts in a way that stays forever. A simple song like this is what is truly difficult to write, and I feel Camilo does justice to this composition.

Then again, there was no doubt. If you listen to any of his earlier singles, he makes sure every song is felt with a warm, familiar background. Home and Bliss are two tracks that are perfect examples of this, songs which have also gone on to become some of his most streamed. We can’t wait for more of his songs to be part of our playlist. Till then, listen to his catchy track here:

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