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Quinn Sternberg’s Walking On Eggshells
Quinn Sternberg’s Walking On Eggshells
Quinn Sternberg - Walking On Eggshells

Walking on Eggshells, Quinn Sternberg’s Latest Album, Is One of the Finest Instrumental Albums in Recent Times

If you are a keen music listener and love to explore the sonic universe of experimental music, the latest album by Quinn Sternberg, Walking On Eggshells, is the one you should immediately check out. Born in Bloomington, Indiana, Quinn moved to New Orleans in the year 2016, where he successfully earned a high demand for himself as a musician.

A prolific music artist who plays both the acoustic and the electric bass, Quinn has been a part of a wide variety of ensembles with different stylistic approaches to his music. His top-notch artistic capability is easily noticeable in his new album, and the listeners will surely be in for a treat because even though complex by form and structure, the songs of this album connect to the listeners with ease as they hook you in right from the beginning.

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Walking On Eggshells, Quinn Sternberg’s latest album comprises eight songs and runs for a duration of thirty-five minutes and seven seconds. The credits for all compositions go to Quinn himself, but it is the whole band that brings out the beauty of the songs. The band includes some of the most amazing musicians like the very tasteful, groovy drummer Peter Varnado with whom Quinn’s prolific bass playing locks in like a permanent bond, guitar player Nahum Zdybel, Oscar Rossignoli on piano and rhodes, and finally, the icing on the cake, the tenor sax player Sam Taylor. Together, this band of musicians adds life and colors to the songs of this album which is solely Quinn’s brainchild.

A set of songs that woos keen music listeners in an instant!

When you listen to this album, mindblowing is perhaps the only word you can use to describe it. Besides jazz being the basic foundation in terms of the genre of these songs, you will also get exposed to different stylistic approaches and elements of musical genres such as fusion, rock, etc., and that is why experimental is the perfect term that justifies the open-mindedness of the compositions.

An out-and-out instrumental album, every song is different from each other and if you listen intently, you will easily find a form, context, and a specific story in each of the tracks. The best part of these songs is that the instruments blend in together beautifully and complement each other in every section while keeping their individuality at the topmost level. Well, that is what makes an album stand out amidst the numerous songs and albums that are present around us.

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So tune in to the latest album by Quinn Sternberg, Walking On Eggshells, and get ready to b wowed by the tracks. You can listen to this album here:

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