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Eve Whelan-Broken Mirrors
Eve Whelan-Broken Mirrors
Eve Whelan-Broken Mirrors

Singer-songwriter Eve Whelan looks for little reflections in her superb new single, “Broken Mirrors”

Eve Whelan brings that charming sound Dolores O’Riordan was known for. Though her sound has that emotive cloud looming on the brink, Eve creates expressive tales that as introspective as they are melodious. Bringing a well crafted balance of these kinds of tones, what she crafts individually is a biography you’d all like to read. This is her latest single, Broken Mirrors. 

You enjoy the melody that will dominate the essence of the track. I love arrangements that take a second, to draw you into the train of thought. Eve Whelan brings us to this state of mind slowly, and the first 30 seconds are to feel it all. Raw, real and truly believing what she sings, Eve enters the song with her naturally dynamic vocals. 

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The transitions and inflections are superb, they showcase a musician who is bubbling with talent and resolve. Broken Mirrors shows that moment of hurt, wanting to look inside but feeling cast out from your own self. The distorted guitar tones overlap with the acoustic, creating an interesting mixture for the chorus. Eve Whelan is inspiring thousands with her approach to this singer-songwriter style that touches upon indie rock. Well-formed, and fascinating to hear. 

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Her singles like Outsider, Promise and Transitions are poetry in motion. The way she structures the vocals tonally is unlike any other indie artist I have seen in a while. She layers her vocals and sonic patterns on another layer, creating this fresh, exciting sound. Listen to the single here and follow Eve for more to come!:

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